The idea of ​​traveling with a newborn is one of the main sources of stress for parents when planning a family vacation. Mothers are afraid to travel on the plane with their newborns because they are so delicate. The idea of ​​traveling with their newborns on a plane is overwhelming for new mothers and newborns. What all new mothers should know is how to prepare well before flying. There is also a feeling of exhaustion when many mothers have not fully recovered after childbirth. Here are ten tips that can help a mother get organized and have a safe flight with her newborn and make the flight comfortable for the mother and the newborn.

1. What To Do Before The Flight And What To Take To The Newborn And The Mother

Depending on whether you are giving milk or breastfeeding, be sure to pack items such as warm water in a bottle, milk, bottles and other essential items. Bring additional supplies, as flights can be delayed to prevent exhaustion, which causes your baby to cry for food in flight. Also make sure you have enough clothes and diapers for the newborn.

Doctors advise babies to rest their head on a pillow to improve comfort during feeding. Usually, airlines do not provide pillows, and if they do, they are sometimes small and slippery. Therefore, it is recommended to use your own baby pillow.

Check List Before Flying






Changing pad

Powder for diaper rash

Formula, hot water, and bottles.


2. How To Book A Plane Ticket For A Newborn

Babies can usually travel without medical tests or approval, provided they are less than seven days old. When booking a newborn ticket, you will need a name and a date of birth to meet the requirements of the airline to obtain safe flight information. The reservation requires that you put the baby`s details with your data. In addition, specify the desired seating options, taking into account that the regulations and flight rates of newborns vary from airline-to-airline.

When booking airline tickets, don`t forget to add your newborn as a passenger. If you make the reservation by phone, just inform the officer that you will be traveling with a newborn. Before booking your flight, first be sure to check the additional charges for a seat. All airlines normally charge a fee for babies traveling on international flights. After you have reserved a seat for the newborn, you are allowed to bring an approved car seat on the plane so that the baby can sit during the flight. Even if you have indicated the date of birth of the newborn before, you may have to prove that the baby is less than two years old. Present the birth certificate along with the boarding pass and your identification card at the time of registration, even if you have previously registered.

3. Changing Your Baby And Breastfeed

Most aircraft bathrooms are equipped with a changing table. If you try to change your baby`s diapers in the passenger seat, you may be avoiding the dirty air of the passengers. Be sure to bring enough diapers. Breastfeeding during the flight is also easy because the airlines do not establish any regulatory policy. On takeoff or landing, the baby has ear hurt. Therefore, it is advisable to bottle feed or breastfeed the newborn during landing and takeoff. This forces the baby to swallow, which usually relieves pressure on his ears. If you don`t eat during these hours, try to make sure they suck a pacifier.

It is important to change the diaper. In fact, the plane may have to wait an hour on the runway. Changing the diaper before climbing gives you enough time before the next change.

4. Choose An Appropriate Flight Schedule

After the first days of birth, the mother begins to understand the baby`s sleeping habits. However, in the newborn, changes are very frequent and unpredictable. Even with this, you can always determine the best time when the baby sleeps or is more relaxed. This can help you plan your flight according to the best time for your baby. Early morning flights are the best, since newborns who have not been able to sleep well at night normally sleep during the first part of the morning.

5. Choose A Window Seat

When traveling with the newborn in your lap, a seat near the window is preferable. This is recommended because your baby is more relaxed, has a little privacy and other passengers are less upset when they want to move.

6. How To Ask For A Baby`s Bassinet

A baby`s crib is like a small bed that can be installed on the plane. A bassinet can save lives, as it helps the mother and baby sleep comfortably, especially if the flight lasts more than 12 hours. To make sure you have a bassinet, you must book in advance. Reservations can be made by phone so that your baby`s ticket can be returned to you immediately. During the reservation phase, you must request that your seat be equipped with a bassinet. Do not show up at the airport assuming the airline can accommodate the baby. After booking, call several times to continue reminding them and make sure everything is fixed. The bassinet is free and is usually installed after takeoff and uninstalled before landing.

7. Know Your Liquids

TSA has limited the types of liquids allowed on the aircraft. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the restrictions. When passes through security, you must remove all juices, creams and liquids from your baggage. Water bottles are not allowed. You are allowed to bring only a reasonable amount of liquid.

8. Dress For Security

You and your baby should dress in a simple way. Wear shoes that you can easily put on and take off because it saves you time during a security check. Avoid using accessories, such as a belt, because you do not want to continue taking your baby out of a bag to pass the security check.

9. Be On The Lookout For Special Privileges

When you travel with a baby, you often have access to many special services to simplify the process. Watch for special security accesses that allow a mother with her baby to avoid long lines. Most airlines allow parents of babies to board before other passengers.

10. Ask For Help

If you need help, it is always important to ask why the flight attendant is there to help you. It is hectic to fly with a newborn, so don`t complicate yourself by not asking for help when you need it.

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