One thing that all successful music has in common is a smoke eye for fashion. They leave their brand super fashionable or very basic. The following 10 tips will help you develop your own vogue, as well as focus on some of the "false steps" you should avoid.

Do you have the "star factor"?

Most celebrities hire consultants to help them create their own unique image, but they probably don`t have the same budget they have. This does not mean that you cannot create your "je ne sais quoi". Study some of your favorite artists and find out what sets them apart from the crowd. The goal is not to copy another person, but to collect ideas that can later radiate their style on stage.

Right clothes, wrong gig

It is one thing to wear jeans in a bar, but it is not appropriate to use them in an exclusive place. If you are not sure of the type of clothes to wear for a gig, call the place in advance and check the dress code. Smart informal (not jeans but something elegant) is common in most modern places. Avoid cotton clothes that wrinkle easily and look very common. For a good dinner, try a nice dress or elegant trousers and an elegant blouse.

Have a good trip ... see you next fall

Watch out for potentially dangerous clothing, such as hanging tassels on skirts or trousers. This type of clothing can not only make you stumble while you`re on stage, but it can distract you a lot if you play an instrument. Consider not wearing rings or bracelets if they interfere with your performance. Many musicians do not wear watches because they tend to hinder. It is much better to concentrate and do a great concert than to cause embarrassment when you stumble over your "style".

Shoes that kill

Do you remember those magnificent stilettos that screamed your name from the shop window? So when you finally used them, did you feel you were going to die at the end of the night?

Acting with uncomfortable shoes makes a concert very long and painful. It is worth spending time looking for comfortable footwear. If you can`t stand to see your feet without those killer shoes, put on something more comfortable for the concert and change before you play. Bring another pair of shoes for your last sets. This will change your bow, shifting pressure elsewhere in your foot and create less fatigue.

Out of fashion, out of your mind

Keep up with fashion, especially if it is presented to a younger audience. You don`t need to buy new clothes every week, but you need to keep up to date. For bigger crowds, buy clothes that are more conservative, but still fashionable.

Get beautiful hair

 find your perfect haircut. No matter what your age, having a big hair is a must. Nothing seems worse than a female artist whose hair is out of date or has roots that desperately need a touch. No matter how beautiful your clothes are, having perfect clothes not only increases your professionalism but also makes you feel like a star.

It looks fabulous with the right colors

Knowing which colors accentuate your hair and your skin is a must. Certain colors can make you look tired or mushy, especially under the lights of the stage. If you`ve never done your colors, visit a professional color consultant. They will quickly assess what their best colors are and give suggestions to accentuate their characteristics.

Do your clothes intimidate your audience?

Music is often found under the microscope, in particular from its worst critics: other women. Depending on the type of place you are in, make sure your clothes don`t threaten female members of the public. Jealous women can make negative comments to the owners of the premises, which could cost them their concert.

Dress your age

You have seen your age If you are young or old, always dress appropriately for your age. If you are younger and present yourself to a more mature audience, the key is to dress more conservatively. If you`re a little older, you don`t want to dress like you`re a teenager unless you know you can really do it.

Dress for your body type

It`s important to attract the public while you`re in fashion, but make sure your clothes aren`t creating the wrong kind of attention. Aim for fashion that fits your body and be careful with clothes that are too small or large. For an objective point of view, ask your friends for opinions on your wardrobe. You can also take pictures of yourself for a different perspective.

These 10 tips are not the beginning of fashion for music, but they are a good starting point. Being a fashionista can dramatically add to your dynamism on stage and give you that star quality that puts you above the rest!

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