There are many things we want for our rooms. We want them to look well designed and elegant; we also want them to look luxurious. Several tips can be useful when thinking about a home improvement or renovation program. While some parts of your home may be quite small and uncomfortable, some design concepts allow you to fool your eyes and give your room a wider appearance. Here are some ideas to improve the home that will make your rooms look bigger.

Use Light Colors And Bright Contrasts

The colors of the room influence your mood. Use neutral colors such as cream, and white to convert a small interior space into a larger space. The neutral and light colors give your room a bigger and brighter look, as they give the impression that the space is open and airy. This helps maximize the effect created by natural light. A bright room always feels more airy than a dark room.

Also Use Light Colors On The Floor

The flooring color you select is also very important. To expand your room, go for a marble floor with light-colored marble instead of a wooden floor. Dark wood will give your room a "compact" and dense feeling.

Furniture Can Be Placed At Angles

You can also make the room look bigger by placing larger furniture in a corner. The eye is carried the longest distance instead of the shortest wall when the furniture is placed at an angle. You can also use additional storage space behind the furniture as a bonus.

Start De-Cluttering

Keep your room clean and organized. A compact space full of things can make a house narrow and disorganized. With things tidy and out of sight, your space may seem clean and open. Do not cover your walls with photos. A large painting works better than a group of small arts and paintings. Create a center point and make it the star of your room. Choose an area or feature that attracts attention and keep the floor as clear as possible. This is important to maintain a sense of space.

Organize Your Walls

The walls are the base of your home. It also describes the space when used correctly. Renew your walls and call professionals who specialize in wall removal to create space. In this way, you can enjoy a large space and entertain a larger audience on special occasions.

Good Lighting Means Space

By allowing natural light to flow freely around your room, you can open your home and make your home more spacious. You can also add creative lighting effects if you don`t have enough natural light. Invest in large windows to have full control of natural light. This can connect the room to the outside area, without limiting its space. Make sure your window covers are translucent to bring more light into your home.

Switch Up The Colors

Avoid using very strong colors in dark tones such as red, black, orange and purple, as they only restrict space. Go for white colors in different shades, such as cotton or ivory white. That goes well with your glass furniture. Opt for pastel colors like pale yellow, soft green, pale lavender or camel brown. The soft tones create a warm atmosphere that apparently adds instant size to the house.


This is one of the most important elements that you can focus on to get the illusion of more space. Wallpapers with horizontal patterns create horizontal expansion effects.

Using Mirrors

You can bring the best effect to the appearance of a room using mirrors. You can bring more light into the room using a large mirror. Mirrors will also illuminate the room by reflecting natural and artificial light, both day and night. They will make the room look bigger too by bringing light into the room. You can also use mirrored cabinet doors to reveal elegant and spacious spaces.

If You Can, Stay Away From The Carpet In Small Spaces

Light color floors work well in small spaces because they not only reduce the amount of dust that tends to accumulate in small rooms, but also give the space a more open and airy look. If you currently have floor mats in your small room and are looking for a quick fix, replace the carpet with a wooden or light color floor. You will be surprised at the difference that your floor brings to the overall appearance of your room. If you are worried that your furniture scratches the floor, go for a protective mat that matches well with the colors of your room.


A clean and airy room will always feel bigger than a dusty room. So, with that in mind, a deep cleaning job, getting all those overlooked areas like corners, behind the furniture, fans and lights, and the top of the shelves? Small stains on the carpets, notches in the walls or pieces of dirt and dust divert the eyes of the people from the open space to dirty details.


On the shelves, place the tallest and darkest books at the bottom and the smallest and lightest books at the top. It is a simple trick that transfers weight down, leaving the top open and light.

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