What are the advantages of getting a monthly facial from an esthetician? If you are looking for beautiful, healthier, clearer skin and more a facial can make a difference. Facials can do much more than make the skin look younger. Younger and softer skin is desirable. Regular or monthly facial treatments can help the skin retain its elasticity and luminosity glow.

Here are 15 reasons why

1. Facials Can Really Clean Your Pores

As if you had cleaned your teeth several times a year, it is recommended to clean your skin thoroughly. Extractions should be performed gently and hygienically by a qualified professional. Left to your liking, extractions can cause scars and spots. Extractions are part of regular maintenance of healthy and clear skin. You brush your teeth and floss twice a day, but you should always visit the dentist several times a year for optimal health!

2. You Receive Expert Advice On The Health Of Your Skin

If there are peels, masks or products that can improve your skin, you can find out by consulting your professional and qualified esthetician and / or dermatologist. Your skin changes over time depending on age, time, stress and hormonal fluctuations. You may have more radiant and less problematic skin if you have the right advice and treatment recommendations.

3. Facials Allow You To Relax

They increase lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins and improve the circulation of the skin, giving the skin greater luminosity and less congestion. You feel good and you do something good for you, which gives you a greater sense of well-being.

4. Facials Can Help Match Skin Tone And Reduce Dark Spots

One of the most common reasons why patients have skin problems is dark spots or uneven pigmentation. Spots are often the result of sun damage, aging, hormonal imbalances or simply genetics. Having a more even complexion is aesthetically attractive. Chemical peels that are part of facial treatment are often prescribed only for this reason.

5. Facial Treatments Slow The Aging Process

It`s better to prevent than to cure. Stop premature aging before it occurs with preventive care. During facial care, many steps will incorporate ingredients and a technique that will delay the aging process.

6. Facials Can Help With Rough Or Dry Skin

When clogged pores are removed, the skin is softer and healthier. Gentle chemical peels include fruit acids that exfoliate and healthy and brighten the skin. In combination, extractions and exfoliations help you get a shiny, soft and youthful skin.

7. Anti-Aging

Who doesn`t like to look a little younger? Some may change their style or haircut, but many women take it to an extreme level by having plastic surgery to regain their youthful appearance. However, it is clear that we are getting older every day, but when it comes to anti-aging techniques, it is not the only option to go through the operating option. Regular facials can help slow the skin`s aging process and give you younger and more vibrant skin.

8. Professional And Expert Attention

Estheticians are trained to seem and treat complex skin problems. Even the best creams,  goops, and lotions you have at home cannot be compared to the keen eye of a professional. They have knowledge of services, techniques and products to fight against recurring skin problems. Booking regular facials allows you to take advantage of your experience.

9. Deep Cleaning

Even those of us who have established routines at home admit that some days we are lazy about it. We could all afford a longer and more efficient cleaning of our skin. A regular facial treatment helps cover our crimes of abandonment and laziness. It goes beyond the surfaces, refines pores and leaves your skin brighter. It is a bit like completing brushing and flossing with visits to the dentist.

10. Healthy Complexion

Having a healthy complexion is essential for radiant skin, and regular facials can help you achieve that goal with masks. Usually, during a facial treatment, your skin will vaporize to open the pores for extraction. Then, a mask will be applied. Depending on your skin type and your needs, you will get a mask that will hydrate your skin, remove excess oil and improve the overall balance of your pores.

11. Increase Circulation To Encourage Shine

Facial treatments increase blood circulation under the skin, allowing the skin to have optimal health to facilitate the renewal of skin cells.

12. Problem Solving

Facial treatments reduce debris under the skin, which can cause swelling, redness and fluid accumulation by manipulating the lymphatic system just below the skin. Facials also help with detoxification. It is also good for dry skin, redness, dark spots, irritation or burning of acne.

13. Smooth Fine Lines

A good facial massage can help reduce fine lines and promote the production of collagen, which is the cornerstone of the skin to prevent premature wrinkles, aging, and sagging.

14. Prevention

Are you already satisfied with your skin? Cool! Let`s continue like this! Do not wait for problems to appear before planning a facial. Consistent facial treatments help prevent the signs of aging, wrinkles, rashes and other potential problems. Just as exercise helps maintain the physical level of your body, regular facials help maintain the healthy and youthful appearance of your skin.

15. Melt Stress -

Now a day’s Life can busier. Most of us do not take enough time for ourselves. We need to do things that help relieve stress and restore our balance. Spending an hour in a calm and relaxing environment can help restore the balance of the mind and skin. In Oasis, we add a scalp, neck and shoulder massage to the face to relieve tension.

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