With the multitude of airlines in the market, choose which flight can be quite complicated. We all know the difficulty of trying to find the perfect balance between comfort and accessibility when booking an airline, especially if you plan to travel long distances! Then, the Emirates airline is the best solution for you. An emirate is one of those airlines that aim not only to satisfy all the needs of passengers, but also to delight them. Here are 20 reasons why you should travel with Emirates on your next trip.

Comfortable Seats

Airlines are known to save money by limiting the number of seats and making passengers feel uncomfortable. But that is certainly not the case with Emirates! They give a paramount importance to the comfort and satisfaction of the passengers. Therefore, you can be sure of having comfortable and spacious seats, even if you travel in economy class. The seats were soft and fluffy; you will also have plenty of space to lengthen your legs. Goodbye leg cramps and hello comfortable flights!

First and Business Classes

If you ever thought that a hotel in heaven was not a possibility, you weren`t looking hard enough. Emirates have transformed the first class into a regenerating and unique experience. With fully enclosed private suites, with a completely flat bed, a widescreen TV and a spa-sized shower, you may never want to leave. This makes those horrible flights of more than 12 hours more like a relaxing night in the hotel room.

Free Wi-Fi And Mobile Service

The days when you have to stay completely disconnected from the outside world are in heaven. Although many airlines offer Wi-Fi to their passengers, they do so at a high price. They have made available to all its customers the use of the Internet at no additional cost.

One Of The Best Travel Destinations In The World

It is a global business center and a cultural metropolis characterized by extravagance, beauty and cultural traditions. Relax on the warm beaches, climb the tallest skyscraper in the world, tours the souks and markets, etc.

The Most Modern In-Flight Entertainment System

Nothing like a boring flight with Emirates! Each Emirates aircraft is equipped with the largest and most modern entertainment system called ICE (Information, Communications and Entertainment). Do you want to see the news live during your flight? Do you want to watch your favorite TV shows or the latest movies? ICE has you covered!

The Economy Class Is Like A First Class

Comfortable first-class seats with more legroom and first-class meals are not only available to first-class travelers: you will have all this luxury in economy class. Watch a movie on your file monitor, send an email or call friends and family from your seat and more. The economy class experience is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable in its class.

The First Class Is Like A Luxurious Five Star Hotel.

The first class flight experience is too great. Enjoy snacks and cocktails in first-class and executive-class rooms, meet other travelers, lie on your full-size bed and pamper yourself in hot showers. Yes, airplanes have showers on board.

Wonderful Service

Emirates employ some of the friendliest and brightest people in the world to be part of its crew and it shows! Each flight attendant is always ready to help you with all your needs and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Do you want more bread or do you need more pillows? The hostesses will bring it to you with a smile in no time!

Delicious Food In Flight

Do you think the meals on the plane are tasteless and unpleasant? You can think again! International chefs prepare fresh, high-quality ingredients to help you prepare the best meals on board you have tried. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, you can even ask for your food to be vegan, gluten free, halal, etc. informing them in advance on their website. Also, did you know that Emirates offers free ice cream during your flights? I don`t think other airlines offer ice cream. So, it`s really great for people who are sweet tooth like me.

Competitive Prices

Although Emirates is not the cheapest business on the market, it is also not very expensive. Prices are competitive and tend to be in the medium to low price range. If you still find the price high, Emirates frequently offers promotional and sales rates. These rates are usually among the cheapest in the market.

Exclusive Airport Lounge

This is a considerable advantage for first class and executive class flyers. The Emirates Airport Lounge is a luxurious and comfortable space where you can wait for your flight. With comfortable and luxurious seats, professional assistants, free Wi-Fi, free food and drinks and countless forms of entertainment, what more can you ask for?

Offer A Discount On Flights

Don`t worry; they wouldn`t just make noise from these planes without helping to make these flights more affordable for you. They know you would like to discover the luxury of the Emirates. They give you a discount on their flights.

Private Driver Service

Flying in first class or executive class gives you incredible benefits and this is one of them. With its exclusive private chauffeur service, you don`t have to worry about taking a taxi or getting to the airport on time. In a simple reservation, a private driver will pick you up and take you to the airport.

Amazing Reward Program

Emirates offers an amazing reward system that allows you to earn points and miles on each flight. Once you`ve collected enough, you can redeem them for many excellent benefits, such as free updates and flights. The best of this rewards program? You can earn and use miles on other flights, as long as they are Emirates partners, such as Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin America and Korean Air.


The rewards program is quite flexible compared to other airline rewards programs. You can transfer miles from one account to another for a small fee. Don`t have enough miles to exchange an item? Buy miles at a reasonable price to complete the difference.

Free Movement Of Cocktails, Wines And Other Drinks

Whether you want to relax with a cup of hot tea or a delicious cocktail, Emirates cabin staff is ready to serve you.

Robust Network

An emirate has extensive connectivity to multiple sites worldwide. It operates flights to all major cities in the world. In addition, the airline also has a number of international affiliations with other airlines, to ensure that even the most exotic places are covered by its network.

Nice And Helpful Cabin Staff

The Emirate cabin crew welcomes, understands and helps passengers very well. The same is true if you travel in executive or economic class. You ask them anything and they are here to help you.

Connectivity Flights To Many Destinations

Emirates Airlines has a very large network and covers more than 150 destinations from its operations center in Dubai. It offers flights to almost every major city in the world. Therefore, it is very easy to book flights with Emirates Airlines on a trip.

Other Services In Flight

All passengers receive a waterproof kit that includes essential items during the flight, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, folding comb, eye mask, earplugs and long socks. To entertain your children too, they provide you with coloring books and puzzles.


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