Laptops are complicated equipment, but their repair may not be as expensive as a laptop repair technician would have you believe. It is important to do a thorough research before starting with a laptop. Make sure you have some basic items to help you, instead of making the common mistake of grabbing something close. A laptop is not a low-cost item to replace, so it is useful to avoid unnecessary mistakes. This post is intended to provide an approximate guide on the repair of laptops and the Instantly Speed Up of your laptop.

Run a virus scan thoroughly

It`s obvious, but effective: start your antivirus software, run the deepest and genuine analysis available, and then let it do its work. Keep in mind that the most complete type of analysis (which analyzes most files and takes more time) may not be the analysis for which your laptop is configured to run by default. Check the program settings to see what is available. . You`ll also want to make sure it`s completely up-to-date before running the scan so it can detect the latest wave of bad codes.

Update your software

Concentrate first on your operating system. In Windows, you can check for updates by opening the configuration and clicking on Update and security. in macOS, start the App Store from the dock or the application screen in the Finder, then go to the Updates tab. Be sure to apply the pending updates.

Close some programs

At the beginning, many programs can run simultaneously. This causes your system to drown and, since you can not manage all the programs at startup, your laptop freezes when you start typing. Remove unnecessary programs from your startup menu. You will find that this will significantly reduce your startup time and let your laptop to switch to new orders you enter. These simple laptop repair tips can dramatically speed up your device.

Insufficient RAM

Random access memory (RAM)is what your laptop refers to the property needed to run programs. Insufficient RAM will cause your laptop to crash. Most laptop repair tips suggest having as much RAM as possible. Check your system and delete any old or unnecessary program that you no longer use, which will free up space on your hard drive.

Tweak Laptop Registry

Registration is something you should not play with if you do not know what you are doing and you should leave it to a professional. This is the code that the laptop follows to perform all its functions. However, many available programs can automatically resolve registry problems and clean them with minimal human intervention. These laptop repair tips can often solve your frost problems.

What about the software you use?

Is it the operating system that keeps your laptop rescued or the new application that you downloaded to the network that has closed it? Has anyone inserted a USB drive without you knowing that a worm has entered because it did not have an antivirus program as it saves? All these problems are related to software and can freeze laptops.

Common mistake we make

The most common error is that when the laptop is fully charged, simply unplug the cable or, sometimes, unplug it before unplugging it. This will severely affect your laptop since the charger may lose; this will also interrupt the power supply of the laptop. Another mistake that we make is, we twist the cables while placing them in the bag. Try to fold it for a long time, which is a good option to increase the useful life of the cable.

Always keep in mind that when it comes to repairing a laptop / computer:

         Do not disassemble any laptop or computer if it is not necessary.

         Make sure you use the right tools.

         Use laptop stands.

         Stay away from anything that may cause static electricity.

         Test the laptop correctly beforehand.

         Stay all the parts you remove in a safe place.

         Keep the screws with the parts from which they were removed.

         Place the screws of the correct size in parts when it is time to reassemble them.

         Observe the function of the connectors before disconnecting them.

         Take notes for yourself if you have to separate the machine.

         More importantly, do not rush through it. You will never want to skip steps.

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