Columbus Day is a special holiday for many people in the United States. You and your family can make it more fun by making your own crafts. They are easy to do and your children will have a lot of fun doing it. It is a great way to spend time with the family and enjoy the holidays.

Columbus Day is perhaps one of the least celebrated holidays in the United States. Although the children still leave school for the day, most parents are still at work. If you have the opportunity to celebrate this holiday with your family, you will find that there are few traditional menus. However, this does not mean that you cannot prepare delicious snacks for your family.

Party Ideas Of The Columbus Day

Here are some ideas for the Columbus Day party that you can use for a party this weekend or Monday, October 12:

Stay Focused On The Trip:

Columbus and his team spent months in the now famous Nina, Pinta and Santa María, exploring and searching for land. If the autumn weather is mild, sit outside and organize a boat race. Create the boats on your picnic table with craft supplies, fill a children`s pool with water and set sail!

Celebrate The Italian Heritage Of Columbus:

When Italian immigrants arrived in the United States at the end of the 19th century, they kissed Christopher Columbus, an Italian compatriot, as a hero to celebrate. Since then, some Columbus Day parades have become Italian-American celebrations. If you choose to celebrate Columbus Day in this way, there may be a parade in your area, again depending on where you are. New York and San Francisco are two important cities that celebrate the Italian heritage of Columbus. If you stay at home, invite friends, prepare authentic Italian dishes and spend time outdoors enjoying food and drinks.

Activities of the Columbus Day of Arts and Crafts

Naval Art

Have the children create boats with construction paper or draw on paper. Then use the blue finger paint to create the ocean around the ship.

Egg Carton

Give the children three individual egg carriers in an egg carton. Let them decorate or paint their egg cartons. Stick a toothpick with a paper flag stuck or glued on each egg box so that the children have three boats.

Puffy Paint Boat

Have the children draw a boat in the water or print the boat template with a black marker. Make inflated paint by having children mix equal amounts of shaving cream and glue, as well as food coloring. Using the Puffy paint mixture, have the children paint the pot and water.

Boat in a jar

Give each child a half shell of nuts, a small piece of modeling clay, a toothpick and a small square of white paper for a candle. Let the children decorate their candles. Take the lid of a jar of baby food and pour water into blue plasticine. Place the pot in walnut on the plasticine and screw the pot so that it is down.

Look At Something New

Sit in a circle. Discuss the fact that the sailors spent several days on a ship without seeing anything but water and sky. They were constantly looking for something different. Look at all the members of the circle: what they are wearing, how they are sitting and where they are sitting. Place your head on your knees and close your eyes. The adult changes something in the circle. Open eyes what is different Variation: every day for a week, walk or look through the same window. Discuss the observations that were not noticed the day before.

Columbus Day Snacks

Homemade Italian Food

In honor of Columbus Day, prepare a homemade Italian meal. Children can help prepare tomato sauce and homemade pasta. Or let them add sauce, cheese and toppings to a self-made pizza dinner.

Snack Apple Sail

Children make sailboats with a slice of apple, a piece of triangular cheese and a toothpick. Eat as a snack.

Fruit Salad

Another great dish for children is this delicious version of the fruit salad. You can drink any type of fruit and combine it in a bowl with an 8-ounce package of whipped cream cheese and a can of condensed milk to create a fruity dessert. Very often, pears, apples, cherries, peaches, and grapes are the best fruit salad.

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