Having flawless skin is a blessing but maintaining it requires little regular effort. It is very important to maintain your skin to look fresh, flawless and younger not for others but to make yourself happy and racked and to slay in all ages. For this, all you need to do is to schedule your routine.

Here are some tips that you can easily adapt to make your skin look younger and flawless and it does not require extra efforts.

Peaceful Mind:

Peace, happiness, and contentment make the person glow internally. Nowadays we all are caged in your routine problems and hectic schedule. Make sure to take out time for yourself and spend some quality ‘’ me time’’ doing any chore or activity which gives you internal peace and a sense of optimism. It could be anything, like having a cup of coffee in your lawn or balcony, sitting in a gloomy room with scented candles and listening to music, reading books, gardening, cooking, talking to friends, etc,

Adopt Healthy Routine:

It is an old saying ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. It is very important to get proper sleep. Our body is designed in a way that it requires rest after sunset. Our metabolism gets weak and all we need is to get relaxed. So make sure to get 8 hours peaceful and get up with the sun.

Day Starter:

Getting up have a glass of water and apply ice cube on your face to regulate blood circulation.


Take out 30 minutes to give boost to your day and with yoga for 15 minutes and 15 minutes walk or jogging.

Honey-Lemon Water:

You should take a cup of Luke warm water with honey and lemon. It will help in removing toxic from the body.


Have a proper breakfast to fuel your body to make it active the whole day and work properly. Having a proper breakfast helps your body to function effectively.


Keep your skin moisturized. Always apply a good sunscreen lotion before stepping out of your home. Never leave your skin dry.


Always keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and try to add detox water in your to cleanse venomous from your body. It can be of simple lemon and mint or any citrus fruit. You can also change its ingredients as per your ease.


Take a light brunch or lunch. Try to avoid bakery and oily food items and must add any season fruit in your diet routine. Instead of fresh juice have fruit as its fiber helps in the removal of extra body fats.

Say No To Caffeine And Soda:

Remove caffeine and soda from your diet as it only adds toxins in our body.

Power Nap:

Try to take power nap in a day to relax your body. It could be of 10 to 15 minutes because if you will take more than that it will make your body inactive.

Muscles Stretching Exercises:

Do muscle stretching exercise daily either for five minutes. It will help in keeping your skin tighten and make blood circulation improved.


Have your dinner at least before 4 hours to bed and do not sit after meal. Keep doing some chores at least till 10 minutes to digest it. Must do at least 20 minutes walk before going to bed.

Clean Your Face:

Always remove makeup from your skin before sleep. Wash your face and body and must apply moisturizer on your skin before bed as an overnight moisturizer will make your skin smooth and soft.

Massage regularly:

Massage your hands and feet to relax your body.


Take Luke warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder to give your skin healthy glow and to relaxing your body.


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