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How To Pick A Perfect Foundation For Your Skin To Have A Flawless Look

One of the best things you can do for your face is to use a skin care program tailored to your skin type. However, women often complain that their skin care is not working properly or that they have problems with it. Don`t blame the skin care program. The problem may be in choosing the wrong basic or foundation formula. There are different types or foundation formulas. Here is a basic guide on what works for most people. However, you will only have to try what works best for you. If a foundation does not seem to rest on your skin, you will probably have to change the formula.

Don`t Go Cheap

When you choose a foundation or base for your face, even if you bought all your other skin care products at the local store, buy your foundation at a department store or a skin care store. They offer professional advice to choose the right form and the right foundation. Department stores and skin care stores will allow you to try on foundation shades so you can try them before buying, unlike local store. A little trick, when you buy makeup or a particular foundation or base, apply it with a clean and fresh face.

What Is The Best Foundation For Your Skin?

Foundation For Normal Skin

When choosing a foundation for normal skin, there many foundations to considered, as there are many cosmetic foundation lines and in different shades. Often, its main difference is its price. The label will be your best guide. Read the label and make sure it is suitable for dry or normal skin and is not allergenic to prevent clog of pores.

Foundation For Oily Or Acne Prone Skin

For oily skin, the best base or foundation to use is water based. These are generally in liquid form and offer pure and total facial coverage, with the disadvantage that they only last a maximum of four hours. This problem can be treated very well using loose powder after applying the foundation to help the base last longer and absorb excess oil. A labeled product that controls the oil is ideal for oily skin. Again, choose a non-acneic product, as this will help you avoid pores without blockages and will not make your acne worse. For oily skin type, look for labels such as oil-free or oil-control products; Usually, these products are water based.

Foundation For The Face Of Dry Or Sensitive Skin

For dry or sensitive skin, cream base foundation is often recommended to use a moisturizer. As they provide full coverage on the face, they can also stay longer. Remember that before applying makeup on the face; clean the face thoroughly with a mild facial cleanser and a moisturizing cream. It also facilitates the application of the foundation, since the moisturizer will help soften the foundation. For dry skin, a moisturizing foundation is preferable. You should look for labels such as moisturizer or hydrating.

Best Foundation For Combined Skin

For combination skin, select a product labeled skin sway, which would be perfect for this skin type. If you cannot find such a product, a combination of liquid foundation and a powder in a translucent form will help soften the brightness of your T zone. For mixed skin, you should know if your skin is oily, or dry, and choose the appropriate formulation - a powder cream foundation is recommended for this type of skin.

Choose Your Foundation:

 Know what type of skin you have. Before buying the correct foundation shade, you must first determine which formulation is best for your skin. Is your skin dry, Grease, or a combination of both?

Remember your face should be clean so you can easily test a shadow on your face and see clearly whether it matches your complexion or not.

Choose three or four shades that match your complexion. They should look as natural as possible. Typically, yellowish foundation tones will give all skin tones a natural appearance. For very clear or light skin, a pink foundation will be preferable.

Test the foundation by applying a small amount near your jaw, and then decide.

Study the shadow of your foundation like that of your jaw. Look at it carefully with a mirror in an open window, where there is usually natural light. The color to choose is the tone that you cannot see because it combines well with your skin.

It is better to buy a foundation in a small container first. Once at home, try again. Send it back if you feel the foundation color is not good. Then, if the product suits you, you can buy a larger container.

Choose Your Foundation Based On The Event You Are Going To Attend

Some types of foundation will not leave your skin as happy as the oil-based foundation. We would recommend it for special occasions. This type of foundation will provide you with instant and lasting coverage. The problem is that it does not allow your skin to breathe.

Tips For Choosing The Foundation:

Dark skinned or matte-looking beauties looking for a lighter complexion may choose a lighter complexion than their complexion. This would be the biggest foundation mistake. You will see all makeup and artificial. Love the color of your skin and choose the perfect shade so that your complexion is flawless.

Blending, blending and more blending! This must be the key when applying the foundation. It must be blended with your skin so that others do not recognize that it is not your original skin.

Sometimes, the foundation shad you test does not match your skin color. In this case, you must blend two foundation tones to give your skin the right shade. It is an art, but you will do well with practice.

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