Combining the perfect look doesn`t end with selecting the right dress. Mix and matching jewels can put in the wonderful finishing touch, whether its appearance is simple, modern, classic or elegant. Mixing and matching jewelry with a dress is a fun way to sparkle any style. Forget the old rules about not mixing different jewelry or gems. Here`s how to match up gold and silver, or other different metals and gems, to achieve a look with perfect accessories.

Jewelry selection must be the first cousins ​​to each other; no identical twin

Accentuate the silver coating of a pair of favorite pearl earrings with an impressive silver necklace. Or highlight the gold accents in a ring with gold drop earrings. Let the jewelry pieces play with each other instead of combining them exactly. Choosing complementary pieces instead of identical pieces makes a statement and does not compete for attention.

Define Your Eye-Catching Outfit

The jewels will generate attention, so you have to decide which part of your body you want to highlight. For example, you can highlight even the simplest clothes or a monochromatic look with the addition of attractive handmade jewelry, such as a statement necklace, bracelets, rings or a large pair of earrings.

Know The Context And The Occasion

His style is defined daily or for special events through the clothes he wears, but also through his jewelry. Everything is part of your final clothing. Match your appearance and circumstances and make sure you feel comfortable wearing it. Can you imagine wearing a tight ring, loose bracelets or a badly fitted necklace?

Coordinate The Jewels With The Outfit

The jewels must match the seed. Gold goes well with warm shades like reds and oranges. Accents of cool silver colors like white or blue. For prints or motifs, don`t be afraid to mix and match silver and gold. Gold earrings can highlight the gold specks in a print, while a silver necklace can accentuate the deep blue background of an impression.

Know Your Style

No one knows you better than you, so it`s important to feel safe in your clothing. Identify your fashion style and have fun finding the right piece for you!

Pearls With Diamonds

This is an old trick to make your jewelry complete and beautiful. Consider a pearl necklace with diamond earrings. You can also do it in reverse, with a chain and a diamond pendant along with pearl earrings.

Different Colored Jewels

You could have a pair of fashionable earrings on your birth that you fear you can`t wear with a necklace because you don`t have a matching stone. Combining different gems is not a faux pas fad! Choose the colors to match or contrast the dress you wear to complete any look.

Be Creative

Long necklaces make big bracelets when they are wrapped around the wrist. The rings can be used as pendants. Any jewel can be transformed into almost any other jewel. Precious stones can be removed and reassembled. Think outside the box when it comes to how each jewel can be used.

Always Trust Yourself

Feel beautiful today and always, clothes and accessories are an excellent tool to improve your beauty. If you feel beautiful and self-confident before leaving the door, your day or night will be unforgettable.

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