The Concept Of Reality Television

Reality show is a genre of TV programming that presents funny or dramatic situations, without scripts that document actual events and, in general, portrays ordinary people instead of qualified actors, sometimes in a contest or in other circumstances where a prize is awarded. Reality shows are called reality shows that are often produced as series. People compete with each other, are in an awkward situation or are spied on in their daily life. Reality show is a buzzword of the day. Watching reality shows has become our hobby and a source of entertainment. It is a real program broadcast with real people and not with actors.

Different Types Of Reality Television

There are different types of reality shows on television. These programs broke the boredom of traditional scripted programs and began to show real-life situations. Reality shows are aimed at different age groups and tastes due to the availability of a large range of topics. In many reality programs, participants are often placed in exotic places or in abnormal situations. Some reality programs cover a person or group of people who are improving their lives. They represent a customized form of reality that is heavily influenced to attract viewers. Documentaries and non-fiction programs, such as news and sports, are not classified in reality shows.

Some types of reality shows are the following:

Documentary Or Documentary Series

Of all subgenres of reality television, the documentary subgenre is perhaps the most general. The main difference between documentaries and documentary series is that although documentaries are often limited to one episode, the documentary series covers a series in its entirety, following a series of television series written at the same time path of an arch. The subgenre would also cover the majority of social experiment emissions, where different types of interactions are observed for the sole purpose of conducting a new experiment.

Competition Or Elimination

Demonstrations of reality based on an elimination or competition formula are about to be eliminated by the annoying roommate or to win the best participant. It`s about winning something important to defeat your competitors. The competition can be between all the other participants, or against money / time.

Makeover Or Renovation

As the name implies, this type of show deals with the transformation of its appearance or the renovation of its old house.

To Leave Together Or Dating

This is the most important subgenre of the reality show in which the child meets a girl and the audience is concerned if this aspect of the story will be addressed or not.

Hidden Camera

Starting with Candid Camera, this is perhaps the longest subgenre of reality. It is about capturing the reactions of innocent people in unexpected situations. This subgenre also covers programs that are based on the content sent by fans.


The most common types of the program in this subgenre are the programs that study paranormal occurrences. The subgenre also includes shows dedicated to the hunting of famous mythical creatures.

Travel Or Suction

Since most audiences can not afford to go on vacation to faraway lands, many of us want to take advantage of these destinations with this type of travel program where a person, a couple or a group goes on vacation. Travel and film all your experiences for the spectators. In addition to all these programs, talk shows or celebrities such as adventures, talent hunts, game shows or fear-based programs are also noteworthy.

The Reality Of Reality Shows

In general it is accepted that the reality shows is really terrible. What was once considered innovative in the world of entertainment has been transformed into unintentional comedies with the most horrible and difficult to imagine people. Nowadays, reality is the last thing that impresses you in reality shows. Be it a dance show in which the lesser-known faces of the television world compete for the best dancer or house label in which racial insults and cat fights are part of the selection process. A winner, presenting a reality show as real is a reality. There is a large majority of reality shows that are not 100% real because there is a high degree of manipulation to attract the attention of the public.

The results are actually programs controlled mainly by the producers / directors. They want the audience to think that it is unpredictable and random, and most of the time, for a candidate who tells him what to do, how to do it. They are even told to behave in certain ways. And in the end, nobody will show you all things, they will be edited and the programs may be far from reality. Reality TV is a genre rather than an accurate description of the programs themselves. Most talents hunt, dancing, singing, even in shows based on general knowledge. Most of the time, the vote is totally manipulated and the winner is decided according to his ability to keep the PRT at a high level. Most reality TV participants, especially the winners, may feel disappointed shortly after their victory, so the focus is on the winner of next season. Some candidates may feel frustrated because they have false hopes that once they win the contest, their future will definitely be achieved.

Impact Of Television Reality On Society

The new generation girls and boys who become stars of television reality do not succeed in talent, but they use melodrama to stay in the news. One of the worst effects of its action refers to teenagers who try to imitate their behavior. All the stunts performed in these television programs under organized conditions are copied by people to reality and result in death. Some of the programs in which participants participate to win prizes show them in low light, as they use pettiness and greed to excel. Negative traits can manifest themselves in audiences and create behavioral problems. Series of liberal abuses are being launched in the shows because the filmmakers believe that more and more people are going to see them. This is a big mistake because teenagers and children have words that damage their personality and behavior.

Prevent The Bad Effects Of Reality Shows

First, establish that watching reality programs is not a main concern in the family. Depending on your child`s age and understanding, explain what your family`s values ​​and belief systems are, and do not match what is shown on real television. Help the kid understand the impact that such shows can have and that real life is different from what is shown in a reality show. Have discussions about it in a friendly and non-threatening way.

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