If you are a true cat lover and want to give your cat the best products on the market, visit PrettyLittercats.com to control your sand and more. Find everything you need to enjoy your beautiful cat. There you can choose amazing products for small cats. The Pretty Litter is a non-clumping litter that changes color according to the substances in your cat`s urine, more easily than ever. These colors can help indicate the health of your cat, whether it is in good condition or you need to take it to the veterinarian.

Pretty Litter Has The Following Features:

  • Highly absorbent, non-binding crystals that retain all odors and moisture.
  • Color change according to the health status of your animal.
  • 80% lighter than other litters
  • No dust, therefore, less waste tracking
  • The 4-pound bag can last up to a whole month
  • Odorless and fragrance free
  • Made of natural, biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients for pets.

It works like any other cat litter. All you have to do is pour it into the little box and let your cat use it. The litter itself will change color with no any interference from your pet.

Why Choose PrettyLitter?

PrettyLitter has three main advantages over most of its competitors. It is exceptionally light, has absorption of liquids and odors above average. Its main feature is that it is designed to help in the early detection of common cat diseases. We will talk a little more about the qualities that make PrettyLitter a good option for your cat.

5 Things About PrettyLitter

1. Monitor the health of cats: PrettyLitter changes the color, allowing you to control the health of your cat. As soon as your cat urinates in the box, a patch appears in the litter box. This patch would indicate the health of your cat`s health.

2. Lightweight: PrettyLitter is a lightweight and super absorbent silica gel. Silica crystals are completely absorbent and one liter should easily last a month / Cat in a standard-sized litter box.

3. Very easy to take out: Maintaining a litter box is a huge task. While PrettyLitter has made this task really simple and easy. The trash is small; the crystals easily pass through the bucket. people really like this because it is easy and simple to use without creating dirt, be it a floor or a carpet.

4. Home delivery by PrettyLitter: you will not have to worry about going anywhere to buy litter or load such cargo. PrettyLitter has a simple subscription service that allows you to deliver the product to your home every month. This will save you the trouble of setting reminders, saving you fuel and time.

5. After-sales service: PrettyLitter`s customer service is exceptional. The PrettyLitter site is easy to use with clear instructions on what to do. You can also edit your subscriptions online. They would do everything possible to make you completely satisfied with the product.

Do Cats Like PrettyLitter?

Since PrettyLitter has no dust, fragrance free, smell or sand, most cats get used immediately. Changes in color rarely bother kittens because a cat`s color perception is less than that of a human. The members of the feline species appreciate the quality of the sand in the bed, since it is soft and pleasant and does not damage its paws.

If you have used a different brand for a long time, it may be convenient to mix some of the old trash or transfer a block of urine and a solid block to the new litter just to facilitate adjustment. However, with most cat users, no special trick is needed and the adjustment period is very short.

Is Pretty Litter Natural And Safe?

Yes. In fact, it could be safer than traditional binder clay. Silica powder is present in the binder sand dust, but not in silica gel crystals. Unlike clay sand, which contains crystalline silica particles, silica gel sand is an amorphous form of silica and does not release any of these carcinogenic and irritating particles. Pretty Litter is safe for all cats and kittens. Because it does not spread to the gastrointestinal tract and does not contain harmful chemicals, cats do not get sick if they ingest part of it during play or grooming. In general, Pretty Litter seems to be safe for all cats.


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