Hallows Eve, also known as Halloween, is scary, but it is one of the most interesting occasions celebrated worldwide. On this occasion, adults and children wear costumes that protect them from evil spirits, supposedly wandering the earth during Halloween. The selection of a Halloween costume is a personal choice. Age is among the main factors that will determine the most appropriate type of Halloween costume. If you want to dress in the best possible way, you should follow some ideas to find a great costume.

There are some good ideas you can follow.


The Halloween season can sometimes be scary, as there are many stories you will hear. A scary costume is great to match the theme of the season. Dress like a zombie. You don`t have to spend a lot. You will need old clothes cut and torn. Put dirt and red dye. Then you should put a little on your body and your face. The most important thing to remember is to do this to make your costume more credible.

The Superhero

With your busy schedule, you are like a superhero. Try to look for a superhero costume in the market. There are garage sales that you can use. Your costume does not have to be expensive because you can borrow from others. Just make sure you choose the hero that suits you.

Neytiri Costume

For girls, dressing like Princess Na` vi, Neytiri, would be the best. This princess Pandora`s princess costume includes a dramatic body; this combination is accompanied by a gauntlet, a complexion with blue stripes, a gray apron, and pearls. If you also decide to go for a wig and shoes like her, you will surely steal the show.

Jake Sully Costume

The boys can disguise them as citizens of Pandora Planet, wearing costumes for Jake Sully. This costume comes with pants, a jacket, and a mask.

The Muscle Child Norse God Or Goddess Child Costume

This Thor costume is suitable for children who want to show a more muscular stature. This costume is mainly a combination with several dimensional details in silver. Also, the typical gray armor, hammered to emphasize the effect of war, covers the chest area. Finally, it has silver arms with black nets and several leather bands at the bottom of the suit that gives it a wider look.

The main benefit of wearing this Thor suit is the number of accessories that accompany it. For example, children who want to look swollen and do Thor`s great flex because muscles can use the muscle combination. Children, especially those who like to run, can increase the sensation of movement by wearing removable red capes that connect to the back of these suits. Then they can crown the goddess`s look with a shiny helmet and the mythical Thor hammer. Compared to other Thor suits, the muscular boy is flattering, imposing and comfortable.

The Classic Thor Girl Nordic Costume

The Thor Girl Classic is an exquisite adult costume for Thor that blends well with many accessories. It is better for women who want to imitate the female version of Thor, look sexy and have their heads spinning during the Halloween season. Mainly, this Goddess costume consists of a silver knee-length dress that tightens at the waist. It also features several bronze pipes, a removable red cape similar to the Muscle Child costume and a silver helmet.

Women who want to look more Nordic can include a crown of character in their outfit and wear knee-high boots that complete their cape. However, those who do not feel comfortable wearing red boots at a Halloween party may wear slightly darker tones. To top off their Thor costumes, they must use Thor`s hammer to enjoy a stormy Halloween season. Mainly, Thor`s classic costume for girls is flattering but not revealing, comfortable and very detailed.

Witch Costume

A good costume for a teenager is that of a witch. It is a beautiful spooky costume for the Halloween party. It is also easy to do. All you need is black cloth and a hole in the middle. Then you have to make a hat that is shaped like a funnel. You can use cardboard for the hat. A broom will complete your look like a safe witch.

The Doctor

It is not so difficult to dress like a doctor or a physician. You will only need a white coat similar to the one worn by doctors. Then you will have to wear casual clothes. A stethoscope is an important accessory that you must have. Have lollipops and dressings with you because they are also associated with doctors.

Ghost Costume

A teenager will always consider a costume that will make him look like a ghost. It is not so difficult to make one. Just look for a white cloth and make a hole in the middle. Make sure your head is tight. Then you have to wear pale makeup. Some stores sell this costume, but you can surely make one at home.

Skeleton Costume

Now here is a classic for teenagers. Younger and older teenagers love the skeleton costume because it is scary and fun. A usual skeleton dress contains a completely black jumpsuit with tinted skeleton bones. A skeleton mask with an unpleasant appearance will complete the outfit. If you want to create a more realistic costume, you can find fake bones and tie them to the costume.

Vampire Costume

For some people, nothing is scarier than watching Twilight. Shoot these deep-rooted fears in vampire movies for teenage girls dressing up like Edward Cullen. All you have to do is make your face a little pale and look the same dark all the time.

Werewolf Costume

The most important thing here is the harness. Create a werewolf mask or a hat with a skin-like material. Give him fierce teeth and piercing eyes. Werewolf gloves are designed with claws on the ends. The werewolf is wearing a torn plaid shirt at the ends and torn pants.

Mummy Costume

The white cloth bands will be ideal to complete this costume. Dress in white and then wrap your head with a white scarf. Cover the rest of the body with strips of white cloth that look like bandages. The body should not be wrapped carefully or carefully in strips of cloth, but can be done without care. Women can wear a white dress and then cover the body, including legs and arms, with strips of white linen or cotton.

Also, you can also spray them with fake blood. The important thing in the zombie suit is your skin that must be grayish. You should also pay attention to your mouth and use fake blood around you.

Here Are Some Useful Tips Before Creating A Halloween Costume:

  •          Materials must be flame retardant.
  • Your mask and suit should fit.
  • If you are allergic to something, first check the materials. If makeup is used, this should also be taken into account.
  • Night visibility. The least you want is someone unintentionally crossing you when you walk down the street in the dark. Being able to see where you are going is also essential.
  • If you go to a party, make sure you can comfortably go to the bathroom, especially when you have already had a drink or two.
  • It would also be useful to think about a theme for your costume. You should be easily recognizable. If you have to explain to someone who you are, it will be tedious.

It is very important that you know how to dress for these events. This will surely make your friends proud of you. The costume should agree with your budget. Keep the tips in mind to have a guide in the future.

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